Present project: SAP S4/HANA 2019 based PoC to investigate
Bretton Woods III( Pozer, Z. © 2022, Credit Suisee AG) commodity
futures trading for CME group of exchanges. Risk calculated by gross amount of commodities traded.
CME group exchanges are: CME, CBOT, NYMEX and COMEX. Forwards, Swaps, Futures and Options on
Commodities and Trading Risk Management (TRM) on the SAP IBP AI/ML Financial Risk Management for
Commodities module. SAP’s Financial Risk Management for Commodities is the current tech stack for
SAP’s master data governance, MDG and finance (FI). 10 years experience AI/ML, used to architect
SAP cloud-based Bretton Woods III,
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Diamond Dust Identity© 2018 ; https://dustidentity.com/index.html Dust Identity ( https://dustidentity.com/solutions/ )Protect the integrity of your brand with cutting-edge authentication technology. Our material, hardware, and software create a more secure, durable, counterfeit-resistant identity and authentication platform for real-world objects trusted by organizations requiring the highest level of reassurance.
URLs_AI/ML_OpenAI_Hyperledger_© SAP SE, ™_TensorFlow, 02/04/23 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VhZ63gQxA76YDlvAUAOqVH3DyPeuYyujAqDc3n-UElA/edit?usp=share_link OpenAI ChatGPT-3 platform Play Ground; https://platform.openai.com/playground , for arabic58 figure 5 Ophir Gaathon, Cofounder - CTO, DUST Identity ... figure 6 ... ... ... ... ... ... Quantum Computer Hardware 3d Sketchfab IBM style Feb 24, 2023, 09:07:13 ID= yanix https://sketchfab.com/yanix fixed size 320x240

Quantum Computer by yanix on Sketchfab

240 360 1 Truncated Thomb icosidodecahedron by Zometool on Sketchfab Feb 24, 2023, 07:07:57 ... fixed size 320x240

240 360 1 Truncated Thombicosidodecahedron by Zometool on Sketchfab

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truncated_icosahedron In geometry, the truncated icosahedron is an Archimedean solid, one of 13 convex isogonal nonprismatic solids whose 32 faces are two or more types of regular polygons. It is the only one of these shapes that does not contain triangles or squares. In general usage, the degree of truncation is assumed to be uniform unless specified. It has 12 regular pentagonal faces, 20 regular hexagonal faces, 60 vertices and 90 edges. It is the Goldberg polyhedron GPV(1,1) or {5+,3}1,1, containing pentagonal and hexagonal faces. This geometry is associated with footballs (soccer balls) typically patterned with white hexagons and black pentagons. Geodesic domes such as those whose architecture Buckminster Fuller pioneered are often based on this structure. It also corresponds to the geometry of the fullerene C60 ("buckyball") molecule. It is used in the cell-transitive hyperbolic space-filling tessellation, the bitruncated order-5 dodecahedral honeycomb. ... Quantum Register at Work 3D Model Avatar of ayvlasov ayvlasov Alexander Yu. Vlasov Saint Petersburg, Russia https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/quantum-register-at-work-f763e5ba223c46199f85a6c5bb079a4c ... fixed size 175x120

Quantum Register at Work by ayvlasov on Sketchfab

More model information Animation of quantum register with 8 qubits. Rather schematic model (state of register is not entangled, qubits and quantum gates are not realistic, etc., etc.) to demonstrate only idea of programmable quantum network: one-gates (triplets) act on single qubit, two-gates (dumbbells) act on pair of qubits. License: CC AttributionCreative Commons Attribution ...

© SAP SE, ™ Spreadsheet; https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oz9_O3T7d2UWcfUwT1D3IWCG0E23DgRg4qBHbAKyfmc/edit?usp=sharing . An OpenAI ChatGPT powered spreadsheet. Question;” Senior Designer to drive the development of Gaps as a Gap lead, in addition to help in Service (SDT) tasks for processing Incidents, Service Requests and CI Gap Developments.” Solution provided by Randy Middleton for Southern California Edison, www.sce.com 2015 on © SAP SE, ™ ECC6 ehp 6 with MSFT excel spreadsheet report to PMO office. © SAP SE, ™’s Financial Risk Management for Commodities: https://help.© SAP SE, ™.com/doc/0c0fda531198434de10000000a174cb4/700_SFIN20%20006/en-US/4adcb0b7865d22afe10000000a42189b.html In the Financial Risk Management for Commodities area, you find all the functions that you need for commodity risk management in Treasury and Risk Management. Exposure Management helps you to identify the risks from your commodity transactions. Trading, position management, and accounting for the hedging transactions with which to hedge risks from your commodity transactions. In Hedge Management, you can make assignments between risks in a hedge plan, exposure positions, and hedging transactions, and perform hedge accounting. Further, you can perform risk analyses and determine net present values for the exposure positions and the related hedging transactions. Features: The system helps you process the financial transactions for commodities from the posting stage, to margin management through to the key date valuation.Commodity Forwards, Commodity Futures, Options on Commodity Futures , Commodity SwapsCommodity OTC Options , Forward Exchange Transactions, CAPS/FLOORS

to margin management through to the key date valuation.

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The Metadata Management API provides access to information about the location, attributes, quality, and sensitivity of data. With this information, you can make informed decisions about which datasets to publish and determine who has access to use or view information about the datasets.
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